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DotA Killing Tracks v1.1 (updated)

Ever been playing DotA, every player enjoys its killing sound tracks. It’s just like so fun after all, well, something like: First blood, Monster Kill!!!!!!!, Holy Shiiiiiiiiiiit!, RAMPAAAAAAAGE….

Application: DotA – Killing Tracks

Version: 1.1

Android version: 1.6+


DotA Killing Tracks

DotA Killing Tracks 01

DotA Killing Tracks

DotA Killing Tracks 02


– This application just plays a killing sound according to its kind.


– When you click any sound-track, it will be registered to system automatically. You can set your Incoming Call Ringstone, Notification Ringstone or whatever Ringstone …. enjoy the fun =))

Download: APK File


IceFrog and PlayDota.Com for these cool sound-tracks and the funny background (forget the painter of this image, may you remind me?).

Change Log:

[ 2011 – July – 11 ]

+ first release v1.0

[ 2011 – July – 12 ]

+ next release with ringstone feature 🙂

[ 2011 – July – 13 ]

+ fix bug that duplicates ringstone in some droids.

+ add new icon to application.

Hope you like it! Enjoy the sound and hahahaha….


Pete Houston

  1. ThoDD
    January 11, 2012 at 11:02 pm


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