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PhoneGap – Web-based Application SDK for Android

Downloadzip : 8.3mb

PhoneGap 1.1.0

Updated Oct 1, 2011

PhoneGap has been accepted into the Apache Software Foundation for incubation as Apache Callback, where it will remain free and open source. More information on Apache Callback and the incubation process can be found here.

This download and all other PhoneGap code is hosted by Apache Incubator Project Callback on GitHub.


Why PhoneGap?

Mobile development is a mess. Building applications for each device–iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and more–requires different frameworks and languages. One day, the big players in mobile may decide to work together and unify third-party app development processes. Until then, PhoneGap will use standards-based web technologies to bridge web applications and mobile devices. Plus, because PhoneGap apps are standards compliant, they’re future-proofed to work with browsers as they evolve.

PhoneGap is an open source implementation of open standards. That means developers and companies can use PhoneGap for mobile applications that are free, commercial, open source, or any combination of these.

Since winning the Web 2.0 Expo LaunchPad competition in April 2009, PhoneGap has been widely recognized as a game-changer for mobile app development. The code has been downloaded more than 600,000 times and thousands of apps built using PhoneGap are available in mobile app stores and directories. Check out some of them here.

 Who’s behind PhoneGap?

Nitobi was the original creator and is one of the primary contributors to the PhoneGap framework, but there is a vast global community that also contributes to the project, including many from IBM, RIM and Microsoft. We have an engaging and active community that is open, transparent and collaborative.

In October 2011, Adobe acquired Nitobi enabling the team to focus solely on the PhoneGap project and continue its work on efficient expressive design and development across devices. Adobe will continue to host the PhoneGap online community as well as the PhoneGap Build service, which is now in open beta.



Pete Houston


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