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Vlog Channel

Welcome to Vlog Channel…

This application will provide you access to all JVevermind clips.

For all of you who like to watch personal-sharing of JVevermind, this application will allow you to watch and enjoy all the latest clips on your devices.

[ Application ]

Vlog Channel

Verson: 1.0

Support Android version: 1.6+

Download: Play Store

[ Changelog ]


. version up, v1.1

. fix screen empty bug

. add Vietnamese language support.


. first release, v1.0

[ Features ]
– Watch clip in two mode: small-box, full-screen.
– Describe clips’ information including: title, published date, number of views, number of likes and rating.
– Support favorite bookmark for the clips you like and display.
– Support the search functionality with auto-complete.
– Support auto update all the latest clips by pulling down the screen.
– New UI design, modern and stylish.
– In case application crash or causes error, you can recover by tapping on the Home icon in the top left corner.
– Optimize for watching clips in 2G/3G network.

[ Requirements ]
– Install and update the latest version of Youtube.

[ Compatibility ]
– Optimize for all devices running Android version 4.0.3+ and up.
– For the lower version, if you have any troubles running, please contact me through email; I will give you the best support.

[ Screenshots ]


Pete Houston

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