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Launch Home Chooser Dialog

After long time digging in Android source code, I’ve found a way to pop-up the Home Chooser dialog.

Home Chooser Dialog

Home Chooser Dialog

Above is how it displays on my phone. Anyway, here the way how to do it:

    static final String HOME_CHOOSER_PACKAGE_NAME = "android";
    static final String HOME_CHOOSER_CLASS_NAME = "";

    private void launchHomeChooser() {
    	Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_MAIN);

If you search over Internet, there might be many other ways to create a similar Home Chooser dialog, however, it takes lots of coding and customization. Well, I prefer to call the framework one.

One more thing, it works on my device Galaxy SII, running ROM Resurrection Remix v2.5.3 (Android ICS v4.0.4); so I’m not really certain that it would work for every device, but it should work for most of devices then. It runs fine on Android 2.3.x devices, too.

Pete Houston

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